I’ve been accused…of being a self loathing gay man. I might be a little self loathing at times (I don’t think it’s an unattractive quality by the way) but it’s not because I’m gay. I might come off that way because I think life is essentially hard and that scalding humor and rallying against its absurdities is the path on which to move through the world - and sometimes that means making fun of myself… - Bret Easton Ellis

Hawaii in a week for a week.

This morning I woke up butt naked on the couch, like whut? How?

Metal Mulisha likes my post. Ain’t it a little weird I was there server during X Games Austin.

One thing about always riding your bike - nearly everywhere - is that your friends will text you when they see you on the road. I kinda like that. We chill for a bit sometimes..

A drunk, a homeless lady, and a crippled lady get on a bus..



Big dog tryin to act small.

holy shit what kind of dog is this????????????? haaalp

kaaayrutledge it’s an Irish wolfhound

Such a sweetheart - love ya Ranii

Sorry I’ve been away for a while - on that insta @stashforcash

Halfway done